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Here is the main Renegade Picnic online festival broadcast:

And then here is ScanOne finishing off the stream with some beats and bass:


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Make Music Day 2020 rocked – thanks to everyone who took part or watched our Renegade Picnic broadcast!

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Renegade Picnic is an independent, DIY culture infused, crowd-funded, volunteer run FREE music festival.

We are sad that the festival cannot take place as planned this year – but we are gathering some of the original lineup to perform for you live HERE on our website and also via our Facebook page on 21 June!

Renegade Picnic TVLINEUP SO FAR:


RP charactersRP artworkMake Music Day is an annual celebration that spans the UK (and the rest of globe) and is mostly comprised of small, community focused and low-impact free music events. The organisers of this festival were responsible for introducing this phenomenon to the British isles in 2012 – and it's just been getting bigger and better ever since!

Our own live stream on Sunday 21 June will be taking place both here and on our Facebook page, but you can also Join the event beforehand – and generally help to spread the word via our Instagram or Twitter pages too.

We hope you will join us in celebrating international Make Music Day 2020!